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We work to create a lively workplace where our employees can apply their skills.

Promotion of Diversity

Promotion of the Active Participation of Women

In Nichiban, measures to continue working are in place, and there is no difference in the length of service between men and women. However, the first phase of the Action Plan (2016- (FY2018) has been formulated and we have been working on solving the issue of “disparity between men and women in the ratio of managerial posts”. In the 2016 fiscal year, we held career training for female leaders who did not have enough career development opportunities, and in the 2017 fiscal year, we held diversity management training for all managers and work style reform lectures for executives. . For female leaders, we moved on to conduct “target setting training” in the 2017 fiscal year, and in the 2018 fiscal year implemented MBO targets using that training.
From the 2019 fiscal year, we will formulate the second phase of the action plan and continue to aim for a workplace where everyone, regardless of gender, can play an active role.

[Status of managers] FY2016 / out of 170 managers: 159 men, 11 women, 6.47% female managers FY2017 / out of 171 managers: 160 men, 11 females, female managers 6.43% FY2018 / out of 171 managers: 159 men, 12 women, 7.02% female managers
Employee Status
Unit FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Average Age (employee) Age 40.6 40.9 41.9
Male 40.8 41.0 42.2
Female 40.0 40.4 41.1
Average Years of Service Year 17.0 17.6 18.5
Male 18.0 18.5 19.5
Female 14.2 15.0 15.6
Turnover 1.4 2.4 1.2
Childcare Leave Number 19 24 25
Male 4 6 7
Female 15 18 18
Return rate 100 100 100
Nursing Care Leave and Leave Number 1 1 0
Male 3 0 0
Female 1 1 0
Taking paid leave 46.5 55.8 53.0

Employment of those with disabilities

Nichiban is committed to hiring those with disabilities, and many work at multiple locations. At the head office, each workplace has a job that takes into account disability, and plays an active role utilizing their individual abilities.
In the FY2018, a new workplace was established at the Anjo Tape Factory, where people with intellectual disabilities are in charge of operations such as product packaging. Regardless of the severity of disabilities, we work together, and we take pride in our work and operate with the aim of creating a workplace that achieves “autonomy” and “growth”. Every year, we accept internships from special needs schools, which lead to continued recruitment (employment rate for persons with disabilities as of May 2020: 2.36%).
We will continue to comprehensively promote the employment of people with disabilities, aiming to become a company where diverse human resources can play an active role.

Promotion of work-life balance

Nichiban has a variety of vacation and leave systems in addition to the statutory annual paid leave, as part of the promotion of work-life balance (work-life balance) for employees. Injury and sick leave for personal injury and illness, childcare leave for childcare, reduced workloads and worktimes for those handling childcare, temporary retirement and nursing care leave for family care, as well as refresh leave for every 10 years of continuous service. We also provide a “volunteer vacation” for social contribution activities.

Childcare Leave Taker's Comment

Looking back on myself during childcare leave gives me a good opportunity to reflect on what's important to me, and I think that I have come to hold a wider view of the world than before. I feel that after returning to work, I can now work on issues with a stronger sense of purpose. Every day is fulfilling.

Anjo Tape Factory Production Engineering Development Section
Aya Osako

Improvement of the employment environment

At Nichiban, we are improving the employment environment so that employees can balance their work and family life, while fully demonstrating their abilities, as well as supporting the growth of both employees and the company. In December of 2018, the company was certified by the Director of the Tokyo Bureau of Labor as a general business owner who conformed to standards, and acquired the third "Next Generation Certification Mark" (nickname: Kurumin). We will move on to formulate and promote the 5th Action Plan (FY2018-2020).

5th Action Plan Goals and Measures (Period: April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2021)

Goal Measures
Improve the employment environment to support the balance between work and family life for employees raising children
  • Developing an environment that allows flexible working styles (balancing fight against illness and work, balancing childcare and nursing and work, etc.)
  • Raising awareness to encourage male employees to take childcare leave
  • Implement measures to support female's advancement
Promote measures to reduce overtime hours and encourage employees to take annual leave
  • Reduction of overtime work using attendance data
  • Develop and promote measures to encourage employees to take annual leave
Provision of work experience opportunities such as internships for young people
  • Regular Internships

Human Resource Development

NICHIBAN provides education and training aimed at developing human resources with a wealth of expertise and creativity, and a willingness to take on new fields. After joining NICHIBAN, employees are first taught the basics skills necessary to be a working member of society through training customized to their grade, before receiving more focused specialized training to develop professional competences tailored to their individual role. Furthermore, we use an e-learning system to ensure that all employees can study common themes in a timely manner. We also promote the development of global human resources in preparation for the expansion of our overseas business. In addition to subsidizing the cost of correspondence courses and English tests, we also offer employees the opportunity to improve their skills through group training programs open to all self-motivated employees so that they can be active in the world. (Photo: Group training for the development of global human resources)

Group training for the development of global human resources

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