Medical Products for Hospital

Business line

Medical sites that are increasingly sophisticated and require safety. The need for medical materials that are used on a daily basis is changing with the times. For example, one of the keywords is “zero irritation” or “prevention of infection”. At Nichiban, we quickly catch up on the latest needs of such medical institutions and have established a rapid development system by coordinating sales offices and Product Design Department. We deliver the advanced medical materials required now in a timely manner. A sense of purpose indispensable in the medical field. We take pride in supporting this.


Active information collection by specialized sales and customer consultation offices

In Nichiban, we have prepared a system to provide feedback to more customers' voices, such as a sales specialist visiting a medical institution, listening to the voice of the site, setting up a customer consultation room, and directly listening to customer requests, etc. Examples include "Surgical Glue Removal" (a product that removes the adhesive on medical tapes without odors or pain) in response to the needs of doctors and nurses, and "CATHEREEP FS TAB” (Film dressing for dialysis indwelling needle covering protection with excellent moisture permeability and flexibility).

Medical Products for Hospital

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