Environmental management system, environmental load data, etc.

At Nichiban, we are committed to using natural materials and delivering products that are friendly to people and the environment.

We strive to reduce packaging materials in order to use limited resources effectively.

You can see our efforts to reduce waste.

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For sustainable society

As a manufacturer that makes products and delivers them to customers, the Nichiban Group's business activities are based on using the resources of the earth. The carbon-neutral product "CELLOTAPE" is mainly made from natural resources such as wood chips and natural resins, and some other products use petrochemicals as depleted raw materials. Also, the manufacturing process of all products requires a lot of energy. We take various environmental measures to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society while taking these facts seriously. In FY2018, we started a project to study a manufacturing method that does not use organic solvents. Regarding the issue of solvents, we have been developing the “solvent-free hot-melt coating method” that dissolves paste with heat and the “emulsion adhesive” that uses water and promotes “desolventization”.
The Medical Anjo Plant, which started operation in January 2018, has introduced new equipment to improve productivity and save energy and resources more than before.
Other environmental issues related to the Nichiban Group include chemical substance management and marine plastic waste.
With regard to chemical substances, we monitor domestic and overseas trends while sharing information with the manufacturers from which we procure raw materials, and check whether any chemical substances subject to laws and regulations are included from the product design stage.
For plastic waste, we believe that our "CELLOTAPE" can greatly contribute. "CELLOTAPE" differs from polypropylene-based OPP tape in that it does not use plastic. By promoting these product characteristics more widely than before, we will contribute to the realization of a “plastic-free society”.

Senior Executive Officer Quality Assurance Division
Takafumi Yamada

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