Waste Reduction

Since achieving zero emissions in 2012, the Nichiban Group has maintained zero emissions, recycling at least 99% of waste through waste disposal companies, including thermal recycling.

Management of Valuables

The Saitama plant has set a goal of reducing waste as an environmental target, and continues to make resources that are disposed of as waste into valuable resources. Until now, paper and tape base materials that had been discarded during the process in the past are now converted into valuable materials. In addition, in FY2018, we are also converting waste paper from the wrapping paper used to wrap the base material into valuable resources, and increasing the types of valuable resources to reduce waste.

Promotion of Green Procurement

Due to increasing interest in environmental issues, laws and regulations are being reviewed and improved in Japan and overseas, and regulations on environmentally harmful substances are becoming stricter. The Nichiban Group conducts surveys on raw material manufacturers based on the Nichiban green procurement standards in response to requests from customers for investigations into various laws and regulations. In the survey, we check that there are no harmful chemical substances used or contained in raw materials that are prohibited by laws and regulations, and we ask the raw material manufacturers to check the management status of chemical substances.
Furthermore, in FY2019, we will establish the Nichiban Group's "green procurement guidelines" and communicate the need and cooperation to our suppliers.

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