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Everyday casual convenience and comfort. The accumulation of even the smallest things has led to people's irreplaceable smiles. We sincerely believe. In 1948, when we started selling "self adhesive cellulose tape", we started by telling everyone how to use it. To convey the joy and enjoyment from one person to another, we will carefully convey the small conveniences and comfort of everyday life. A wide variety of products under the theme of "creating beloved stationery", by actively working on environmental considerations. In each one, the attitude of Nichiban, which does not change, is living.


A fresh impression on a straight cut, "Hand Cutter Liner Beauty"

"If the cut edge of the tape is straight----" "Hand Cutter Liner Beauty" fulfills such a wish. Surprisingly, many people cut off the jagged edges of the cuts, so we conducted trial and error to see if a straight cut could be made. Self adhesive cellulose tape The “Hand Cutter Liner Beauty, which was developed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of its sale, reliable design packed. Safe to use for everyone, regardless of age, and a straight, beautiful cut will open up new boundaries for tape. Please look forward to the future of the "Hand Cutter Liner Beauty " series.

Office / Home Products for General Consumer

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