Healthcare Products for General Consumer

Business line

It is said that the word "care" literally comes from putting your palm on an injured person. Even though the times have evolved and technology has progressed, we always have a rich image of this "helping hand" at Nichiban.

Emergency adhesive plaster “CARELEAVES with bare skin touch, and Taping tape“ battlewin series, which is used for sports injuries, etc. A product group with a desire to deliver materials and fits that are intimate and invisible. Nichiban's starting point for health care is quality that can fit the needs of the user.


Strengthen communication with customers

Nichiban is the official supplier of Tokushima Vortis, Urawa Red Diamonds and Jeff United Ichihara / Chiba, and supports the team through the battlewin product. In addition to earning the trust of players with products tailored to their purpose, Nichiban's Battlewin Match Day will provide direct communication with many people who enjoy sports from adults to children, by such as holding a taping seminar.

Healthcare Products for General Consumer

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