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In addition to offices, homes, and medical institutions, Nichiban makes use of its unique adhesive and adhesive technologies that it has cultivated, and offers unique products to the industrial world. Typical examples are adhesive tapes for packaging and vegetable binding tapes that support efficiency at distribution sites. As there are food-related products, we manufacture products with thorough consideration for "safety", which has been particularly emphasized in recent years. In addition, there is a full lineup of products that demonstrate the unique functionality of Nichiban products, such as masking products at production sites. Being safe and convenient are the points in which Nichiban is trusted throughout the industrial world.


“Bagsealer” casually evolving

A "Bagsealer" that seals small bags. It has evolved steadily while responding to your needs. The latest "Bagsealer BS-2200" can be easily taped with surprisingly little efforts, and also cuts off the excess parts of the bag neatly. We value the beauty of the finish because it is also used for food packaging. A "Bagsealer" that realizes safe and hygienic packaging is still active casually around you today.

Industrial Products

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