Under the new "Nichiban Group Philosophy"
Aiming to realize the 『NICHIBAN GROUP 2030 VISION』

Since its founding in Minami Shinagawa, Tokyo in 1918, the company has grown into today's Nichiban with the help of customers and stakeholders despite many trials during and after the war, and was thankfully able to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2018.

From April 2019, based on the newly formulated Nichiban Group Philosophy, our mission is to place great importance on the relationships and bonds between everyone as well as fostering happiness for all those concerned with Nichiban Group for the next 100 years. Corporate activities will follow this mission plan moving forwards.

Going forward, we will respond to ever-changing market needs in a timely manner, create a corporate structure that can compete globally, and practice management that provides products that are friendly to the global environment, all based on our high level of technology and product's reliable quality. Furthermore, we will work together as a concerted group with the aim of becoming a company that continues to push forward creating value that supports comfortable living and contributes to those around the globe.

We look forward to your continued support and patronage to Nichiban Group in the future.

President: Toshiaki Takatsu

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