Nichiban's Sustainability and CSR

Introduce our Corporate Philosophy.

Introduce our sustainability philosophy and important themes.

We have created the medium to long term 『NICHIBAN GROUP 2030 VISION』 for realizing our vision of being a company based on solid corporate quality.

We effort to enhance customer satisfaction in all aspects of business activities, including product quality.

We are committed to safety, health and environmental considerations throughout the product life cycle.

In practicing "green procurement", we have compiled the "green procurement guidelines", which summarizes our approach and what we want our suppliers to do.

Promoting ESG Management

Nichban Group's basic philosophy is "Nichiban respects people's cooperative relationships and strives to foster prosperity and happiness for all stakeholders of Nichiban Group." By understanding this philosophy, the first step is to create an environment where employees can feel happy and connect that happiness to all stakeholders. In recent years, there has been a demand for management that emphasizes ESG and initiatives for the SDGs, and we are considering the establishment of a working group.
On the other hand, we recognize that responding to environmental and social issues such as climate change is urgent.
We think there are various difficulties in solving these issues, but we want to use them as business opportunities, rather than as costs, in order to contribute to the growth of the Nichiban Group.
Specifically, in terms of the environment, we will steadily carry out activities centered on ISO14001 and thoroughly adhere to the green procurement guidelines. In addition, we consider the use of solvents to be an issue that our group, which handles tape products, should take on, and aim for solvent removal while stirring technological innovation. In aspect of society, as a manufacturer, based on the concept of “delivering 'good things' to customers,” we will create a work environment in which employees can work for many years, such as the active participation of more women and work-life balance. Furthermore, we will promote social contributions that are closely related to our business activities, such as the “Tape Core ECO Project” and support for the sports medical field. Regarding governance, we believe that it is necessary to carry out internal controls that are well-established as a 50 billion yen company while responding to compliance issues. We will build a sound governance system based on a thorough understanding of why we do this, rather than being told that the world is going to be like this.

Senior Managing Director Promotion Unit (and)
CSR (and) General Manager of Public Relations department
Hiroki Sakai

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