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Training program "SOCCER MEDICAL CAMP"

The upbringing program "SOCCER MEDICAL CAMP" is to convey the knowledge, experience, and ideas of athletic trainers required in the soccer field from staff who are active in the medical field of the Japanese soccer world and aim to develop athletic trainers.

Through this program, we will spread the creation of an environment in which soccer can be played safely and safely throughout Japan, support the development of the soccer world from the medical field, and contribute to the strengthening of overall Japanese football in the future.

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    SOCCER MEDICAK CAMP ends on November 29, 2019.

Official Partner Program

The Official Partner Program is a program that aims to contribute to society through sports (human development, community development, and national development). Under a partnership with the Japan Sports Association and supporting companies that support it, in addition to the "spread and promotion of sports and the improvement of the physical fitness of the people", it aims for a new "enhancing people and society with the power of sports".

Through this program, we will spread the value and significance of sports to society widely and support the energizing of Japan.

Paralym art

Based on the philosophy of "Paralym Art is to create a world where people with disabilities can fulfill their dreams with art", this is an activity that promotes the social participation and economic independence of people with disabilities, utilizing the art created by people with disabilities. Become part of a team of artists with disabilities and support them with the continuous cooperation of private companies and individuals without depending on social security expenses.

"Nichiban Tape Core Recycle ECO Project" is planning to use art works for printed materials and exhibit at the "Cellotape Art" exhibition that we support and will continue to support people with disabilities through these activities.

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