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Our company is a company that supports comfortable living with various adhesives, such as stationery, medical, and industrial use products.

  • What kind of company is Nichiban?

    With the theme of manufacturing valuable products that support comfortable living, we are developing a wide range of products in a variety of fields, centering on two businesses: the medical business and the tape business. Since its founding in Minami-Shinagawa, Tokyo in 1918, the company has grown into today's Nichiban with the help of customers and stakeholders despite many trials during and after the war, facing celebration of its 100th anniversary in 2018. From April 2019, based on the newly formulated Nichiban Group Philosophy, our mission is to cherish bonds and realize the happiness of all people involved in the Nichiban Group for the next 100 years. Under this mission, we will work on corporate activities toward.

  • Nichiban's strengths

    There are many products that enjoy a good reputation like "Nichiban for tapes"

    We have been providing CELLOTAPE, Tabanera , ROIHI TSUBOKO , CARELEAVES we have launched a variety of products that are just right for comfortable living. Going forward, we will respond to the ever-changing market needs in a timely manner, create a corporate structure that can compete globally, and practice management that provides products that are friendly to the global environment based on our high technology and reliable quality. Furthermore, we will work together as a concerted group with the aim of becoming a company that continues to create value that supports comfortable living and contributes globally.

  • Nichiban's future

    We have formulated the medium to long term vision 『NICHIBAN GROUP 2030 VISION』 with the aim of realizing our "ideal vision" based on solid corporate quality.

    The new medium-term management plan 【ISHIZUE 2023 ~SHINKA・変革~】 has been established as the cornerstone of realizing that medium to long term vision, and we will work on "evolution and deepening" and "reform".

Nichiban as an Investment Target

415million yen
Net Income
14million yen
Operating Income
20million yen
EPS (Net income per share)
1-share dividend

*As of March, 2021 (117th Term)

Advantages of Becoming an Investor

  • Participation in Nichiban's Management

    You can participate in the general meeting of shareholders held every June.

    Shareholders who hold one unit (100 shares) or more can participate in company management by voting on resolutions.

  • Use of Stockholder Benefits

    Once a year, we present assortment of our new products as a special treatment.

    In order to receive shareholder benefits, it is necessary to list the ownership of 100 or more shares in the name of the shareholder in the shareholder register on the company's “vesting date” (September 30). Please request the shares by 4 business days before the vesting date * (the last day with rights) and proceed with the procedure.

    • *
      Please note that business days exclude Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and New Year's holidays. Please check with your securities company for details.
  • Receipt of Dividends

    Depending on the number of shares you have, you can receive dividends twice a year, mid-term and year-end.

    We consider the appropriate return of profits to our shareholders to be one of the most important issues in management, and have been paying dividends every year since our foundation. By taking into account the performance of each term, the consolidated dividend payout ratio takes into account the actual profit level and future management measures, and we consider that the continuous payment of stable dividends will meet the demands of shareholders.

Stockholder Returns and Dividends

Thanks to the support of our shareholders, we will also seek to increase the attractiveness of our stock by gaining a deeper understanding and patronage of our products, and to increase the number of shareholders who can hold our stock over the medium to long term. For this purpose, we have implemented shareholder benefits.

  • *
    The image is for illustrative purposes only

How to become an investor?

  1. 1. Open an account with a securities company

    To buy shares, you must first open your account with a securities company. It is common to buy and sell stock through a securities company.
    For details on how to open an account and fees, please contact your local securities company. Please note that we cannot accept or process stock purchases. Also, when purchasing shares, please do so at your own discretion.

  2. 2. Purchase Stock

    Deposit the necessary money for the purchase of shares into a securities company account and purchase the shares through the securities company. The company's shares are in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (stock code:4218).
    The unit price of the company's shares is 100, so the minimum purchase price is 100 times the stock price. The stock price fluctuates every day, so please check the latest stock price before purchasing. In addition, a trading fee paid to securities companies is required.

Events to Stockholders

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