Tapes for Non-Heavy Duty Packaging

Nichiban light packaging tapes are produced under strict a quality management system in which we pride ourselves in our high quality and performance. We recommend the use of our light packaging tapes which are convenient and should be sufficient for your work.

CELLOTAPE™ No.405 (Industrial use)

CELLOTAPE No.405 (Industrial use)

CELLOTAPE is a long-established brand, perfect for a wide range of applications, both domestic and industrial.

CELLOTAPE™ for cleanrooms CRCT-18

CELLOTAPE for cleanrooms CRCT-18

The tape core is made from plastic, so it is free from any paper dust. CELLOTAPE is an extremely low static tape which reduces its automatic attraction to dust.

Bagsealing tape No.430

Bagsealing tape No.430

Easily torn off by hand, easy-to-open seal. Colourful tapes made mainly from cellophane materials. They come in five standard colours.

Bagsealing tape No.540

Bagsealing tape No.540

Made mainly from moisture/water resistant PET film. Comes in nine standard colours, including metallic colours such as gold and silver.