Navel Compression Pack

Navel Compression Pack

Pack of compression material for umbilical hernia compression treatment for infants.


This is a pack of compression material for umbilical hernia compression treatment for infants. It consists of a set of specially designed compression material that places less strain on the skin and a highly moisture-permeable film dressing that causes minimal skin irritation.


Polyurethane foam that is soft and does not collapse

  • The compression material consists of polyurethane foam of moderate hardness that delivers the needed compression effect without putting a burden on the skin. The round shape ensures that power is not concentrated in one place, reducing pain and discomfort during compression.

Specially shaped to fit the navel

  • The tip of the compression material, which is easy to insert into the navel, accurately presses down on the hernia orifice, fitting tightly without gaps. Following removal after the treatment, you can expect a navel restored to its normal shape.

Gently and firmly fixed in place with two types of tape

  • For the first fixing tape attached to the skin, CATHEREEPLUS, which is gentle to the skin, is used. The second fixing tape, which is applied over the first fixing tape for additional fixing force, is a non-elastic tape with strong adhesive strength. This combination of two types of tapes with different characteristics reduces the risk of skin irritation while achieving secure fixing.


  1. 1

    Attach the navel compression material to Tape A
    Peel off the release paper from Tape A and place the navel compression material in the center of the adhesive surface.

  2. 2

    Check the position of the navel hole
    Lightly press the center of the navel with your finger to check the position of the navel hole.

  3. 3

    Attach the compression material and Tape A to the navel
    Hold both ends of Tape A with both hands, and while pressing the compression material firmly with your thumb onto the navel so that the tip of the navel compression material is inserted into the navel hole, apply Tape A tightly on the skin, starting from the center and working toward the outside, while making sure that Tape A does not develop sags and wrinkles.

  4. 4

    Peel off the release film
    Slowly peel off the hard film bearing the indication "Peel off last" in the direction of the arrow to attach Tape A to the skin.

  5. 5

    Attach Tape B
    While pressing the navel compression material firmly with your thumb, apply Tape B on top of Tape A. Like in Step 3, stick it on without wrinkling.

    • *Tape B is strongly adherent, so do not apply it directly to the skin.
  6. 6

    Installation completed
    Replace the tapes and navel compression material with new ones every five to seven days. Do not reuse tapes and navel compression materials that have been used due to the risk of hygienic problems.
    When removing the tapes, peel them off slowly to prevent skin damage.


  • Umbilical hernia compression treatment in infants.

Precautions for Use


Accidental ingestion warning Keep out of reach of children.
During storage and preparations for application, carefully guard against accidental ingestion by children.
In case of accidental ingestion, consult a doctor immediately.

Reuse prohibited

  • Use this product according to your doctor's instructions.
  • This product is not sterilized.
  • For sanitary reasons, do not reuse tapes and navel compression materials that have been used.
  • Be sure to attach Tape A to the skin. Do not apply Tape B directly to the skin.
  • Before use, read the enclosed instruction manual carefully and use the product correctly.

Precautions for Storage

  • Store out of reach of children at room temperature, away from water, high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight.


Name Navel Compression Material Tape A
(fixing tape)
Tape B
(reinforcing tape)
Quantity 3 pcs 4 sheets* 4 sheets*
Size S size
Body diameter: 25mm
Tip diameter: 8mm
Tip height: 10mm

M size
Body diameter: 30mm
Tip diameter: 11mm
Tip height: 15mm
60mm x 80mm 50mm x 70mm
Functions Inserted into the navel, holds the protruding navel in the correct position. Fixes the position of the navel compression material.
Waterproof, prevents water from entering the navel at bath time.
Apply over Tape A for fixing reinforcement.
  • *One sheet is provided as a spare if application is not successful.

Part number (S size): BNPS JAN code: 4987167086282 Standard price (excluding tax): 3,200 yen / Part number (M size): BNPM JAN code: 4987167086299 Standard price (excluding tax): 3,200 yen

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