Bag Sealing Tape No.520

A PET film base is used so it has excellent moisture and water resistance.
There are four standard colors available.


For bundling
The adhesive surface of the tape can adhere to itself and is for bundling vegetables, food, ham, sausages, etc.
Various colors are available.
Water resistant
Tape does not easily peel off even when it gets wet.

Color (Color No.)

Red (R) / Yellow (Y) / Green (G) / Blue (B)


  • Sealing packages of food (fruits and vegetables, raw noodles, etc.) , etc.
  • For sealing subdivision bags for packing products.

Physical Properties

Product number: 520

Product name Bag Sealing Tape
Base material PET
Pressure sensitive adhesive Rubber adhesive
Thickness (mm) 0.044
Peel strength (N/10mm) 3.27
Autohesion (N/10mm) 4.8
Tensile strength (N/10mm) 49.4
Elongation (%) 133

Measurement conditions / 23℃50%RH

  • *
    The above values are average measured values and are not guaranteed values.

Quantity (rolls)

Product number Width Length Individual packaging Inner box Carton box
520 9mm 50m 1 20 200

Environmental Response

  • Green mark core

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