STEPTY™ P use example
Structure of STEPTY™ P

Adhesive bandage with a pad for pressure hemostasis. For hemostasis after withdrawal of the indwelling needle in the radial artery or the dorsal pedis artery.


An adhesive bandage with a compression hemostatic pad that has an excellent hemostatic effect, used immediately after removing the indwelling needle of the radial artery or the dorsal pedis artery. A 9mm-thick pad with a compression plate compresses and fixes the puncture area, providing a high hemostatic effect.

EOG sterilized


A composite pad consisting of a 9mm thick pad and a plate provides high hemostatic effect.

Individually sterilized package

Stick-on time label

Pad that effectively transmits pressure to the skin
Stick-on time label to prevent excessively long use of the product
Example of application to the radial artery
Example of application to the dorsal pedis artery

Relationship between tape elongation and pressing force of "STEPTY P”

The compression force increases with the length of the stretched polyurethane nonwoven adhesive tape. By applying both sides of the tape approximately 2cm apart, the necessary compression force for hemostasis was obtained (approximately 100mmHg), which was maintained approximately 80% of the initial value even 1 hour after application.

Thermograph of palms with STEPTY P attached

The palms before application and after two hours of application of STEPTY P were compared. There was no difference in skin surface temperature, and no decrease in blood flow was observed.


  1. 1

    Take out the STEPTY P from its pack, then squeeze recessed points in the center of the plastic plate with your fingertips for easy identification of the location of the pad.

  2. 2

    Place the pad so that it covers the point of entry into both the skin and the blood vessel, then hold the pad down with the thumb while removing the indwelling needle. When using a metal needle, be sure to attach STEPTY P following withdrawal of the needle.

  3. 3

    As you pull out the needle or catheter, put firm pressure on the upper surface (back) of the pad with your finger, and partly peel off the liner on the ulnar side of the arm.

  4. 4

    While pressing down on the pad firmly, stretch the tape on the ulnar side about 2 cm.

  5. 5

    Continue to apply firm pressure on the pad as you stick the tape securely onto the skin. Then peel off the rest of the liner and attach the tape.

  6. 6

    Switch thumbs while continuing to press firmly on the pad, making sure it stays in place.

  7. 7

    While continuing to apply pressure on the pad, peel off the other liner halfway in the same way as the first, stretch the tape about 2 cm, attach it firmly to the skin, and then peel off the remaining liner and attach the tape.

  8. 8

    Write the time applied on the label and then stick it on top (back) of the pad. Normally, the bleeding will stop in about 1 hour after "STEPTY P" is applied. Remove it within 2 hours following application because hemostatic performance varies from person to person and sometimes bleeding resumes.


  • Hemostasis and protective covering after puncture of radial artery or dorsal pedis artery in invasive arterial pressure measurement, blood gas measurement, etc.

Precautions for Use

Reuse prohibited

  • If the wound becomes clinically infected while using the product, stop its use and conduct appropriate treatment.
  • If symptoms appear to be skin disorder (rash / redness, blisters, skin peeling, itchiness, etc.) on the application site, discontinue use and take appropriate treatment.
  • Be sure to remove the needle before applying this product to avoid damage to the blood vessel and skin.
  • Stretching the tape beyond the length required for compression will cause excessive pulling of the skin and may cause skin irritation.
  • To avoid skin irritation as much as possible, remove this product within 2 hours of its application.
  • The product should always be removed by a doctor or a nurse after use.
  • When removing this product, make sure that there is no bleeding for several minutes while resting and that hemostasis is formed. If hemostasis is insufficient, take appropriate measures such as manual pressure hemostasis.
  • After removal, protect the puncture area with covering protection to prevent infection.
  • If the product gets wet or soiled during use, take it off and apply a fresh pad immediately.
  • Do not use the product if the packaging is dirty, damaged or wet.
  • Use the product immediately after breaking the seal.
  • When removing the pad, peel it off slowly along the flow of the body hair to prevent skin damage.

Precautions for Storage

  • Store at room temperature, away from water, high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight.


Product number Size Per box
Tape area Pad area (9mm thick) Plate area
No.120P 40mm x 120mm 27mm x 15mm 36mm x 30mm 30 sheets

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