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STEPTY™ white type and beige type
Structure of STEPTY™

This product is a bandage that compresses the vein and hemostasis immediately after removing the needle. A 6mm-thick pad with excellent blood absorbability and an elastic adhesive tape provide an excellent hemostatic effect.


This adhesive bandage with a pad for pressure hemostasis consists of a 6 mm thick pad with excellent blood absorption and elastic adhesive tape.

It can be used for hemostasis and protective covering of peripheral veins after blood collection, transfusion, or infusion using a thick needle.

EOG sterilized


Features of the pad area

  • The pad thickness is 6mm. An excellent hemostatic effect is achieved by pressing firmly with the adhesive tape.
  • The pad is an elliptical shape with a height of 27 mm. It covers both the skin puncture and the vascular puncture and compresses the vascular puncture to hemostasis. Because the pad is oval, skin irritation is low.
  • The layered structure with various compression surfaces is adopted.
  • The first layer, which is in direct contact with the skin, consists of an extremely thin cellulose non-woven fabric that absorbs blood instantly. The tape side layer consists of a non-woven polyester fabric with water repellent properties, preventing blood bleed to the back of the tape.

Features of the adhesive area

  • Uses urethane non-woven fabric that is rich in vertical and horizontal stretch and flexibility. Since the elongation recovery rate exceeds 90%, it has an excellent effect on compression fixation.
  • Uses an acrylic adhesive that is less irritating to the skin and is less likely to cause rashes.
  • Adhesive has high adhesiveness and secures well without slipping. (Figure 2)
  • Stretch the tape moderately, apply it to the skin, and fix it so that it wraps the pad from all directions, so that the pad does not slip. (Figure 3)
[Fig. 2]
[Fig. 3]

Features of the packaging

  • Each tape is individually sterilized before packaging.
  • The packaging is designed for easy opening and quick product removal.
  • From pack opening to product application, the entire use procedure is sanitary as it can be performed without touching the pad, which comes in contact with the skin puncture area.


  1. 1

    Pull in the direction of the arrow to open the sterilized pack, and take out the STEPTY. Turn the side with the transparent film so that it faces up, and pull from the center of the removal area of the film for easy opening.

  2. 2

    Immediately before withdrawing the needle or catheter, align the long axis of the pad to the run of the blood vessel, apply the pad so that the needle or catheter puncture point is at the center of the pad, and lightly press the pad to hold it in place.

  3. 3

    With your finger (thumb) gently pressing on the pad, pull out the needle or catheter.

  4. 4

    As you pull out the needle or catheter, put firm pressure on the pad with your finger (thumb).

  5. 5

    While continuing to apply firm pressure so that the pad does not slip, stretch the adhesive tape out about the width of your thumb and attach it securely to the skin.

  6. 6

    Be careful not to move the pad as you change the pressing finger to your other thumb, and continue to apply firm pressure.

  7. 7

    While continuing to apply firm pressure so that the pad does not slip, stretch the adhesive tape on the opposite side about the width of your thumb and attach it securely to the skin.

  8. 8

    STEPTY appearance once applied The pad is fixed in place by being wrapped in tape.


  • Peripheral vein hemostasis and covering protection after blood donation, transfusion, and infusion using a thick needle (14-18 gauge)

Precautions for Use


This product is intended for hemostasis and covering protection of peripheral veins, and it should not be used for sites other than peripheral veins.
(If it is used for other than peripheral veins, it will not fulfill its intended functions and this may cause hemostasis failure or air embolisms.)

Reuse prohibited

  • If the wound becomes clinically infected while using the product, stop its use and conduct appropriate treatment.
  • If symptoms appear to be skin disorder (rash / redness, blisters, skin peeling, itchiness, etc.) on the application site, discontinue use and take appropriate treatment.
  • Be sure to remove the needle before applying this product to avoid damage to the blood vessel and skin.
  • Stretching the tape beyond the length required for compression will cause excessive pulling of the skin and may cause skin irritation.
  • To avoid skin irritation as much as possible, do not use this product for more than 2 hours.
  • When removing the product after use, check that the bleeding has stopped. If hemostasis is insufficient, take appropriate measures such as manual pressure hemostasis.
  • After removal, protect the puncture area with covering protection to prevent infection.
  • If the product gets wet or soiled during use, take it off and apply a fresh pad immediately.
  • Do not use the product if the packaging is dirty, damaged or wet.
  • Use the product immediately after breaking the seal.
  • When removing the pad, peel it off slowly along the flow of the body hair to prevent skin damage.

Precautions for Storage

  • Store at room temperature, away from water, high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight.


White type
Product number Size Per box
Tape area Pad area (6mm thick)
No.80 39mm x 80mm 27mm x 15mm 50 sheets
Beige type
Product number Size Per box
Tape area Pad area (6mm thick)
No.80A 39mm x 80mm 27mm x 15mm 50 sheets

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