Highly moisture permeable film dressing. Since the urethane gel adhesive with very high moisture permeability is applied, it has both gentleness to the skin and high adhesion.

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3 additional care considerations

"Gentle to the skin" and "good adhesion" were difficult to achieve with conventional adhesives due to their conflicting properties.
CATHEREEPLUS uses an urethane gel adhesive that has a very high moisture permeability, so it "gentle to the skin" and "good adhesion" were achieved at a high level.
We propose a "new fixation" that adds three compassions of "high moisture permeability", "high adhesion" and "low skin irritation".

EOG sterilized


  • Fixing catheters and injection needles
  • Wound protection and wound skin closure


High moisture permeability makes your skin always smooth.

The urethane gel adhesive has a moisture permeability that is approximately 5 times higher than general acrylic adhesives (compared to our company). It keeps your skin comfortable even after a long period of application because it reduces stuffiness caused by sweating.

Since it adheres firmly, it can be used with confidence.

Because the urethane gel adhesive is coated evenly on the entire surface of the film, the gel adhesive adheres securely to the reliefs of the skin. The flexible film follows the movements of the skin, achieving long-lasting stable adhesiveness.

Low irritation and gentle to the skin

The urethane gel adhesive hardly peels or damages the stratum corneum when peeling. The film stretches well, reducing stress on the skin. Reduces rash and pain when peeling.

Comparison of Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate Value
Adhesion illustration
Stripped keratinocyte comparison photo


  1. 1

    Slowly peel off the large release liner.

  2. 2

    Grasp the edge, paste, and peel off the remaining release liner.

  3. 3

    After firmly pressing down on the dressing, slowly peel off the carrier film.

  4. 4

    Slowly peel off the remaining piece of the carrier film.

  5. 5

    Compassion when peeling is "while holding the skin with your finger" and "slowly".


Do not reuse

  • If a clinical infection occurs in the wound while using the product, discontinue use and treat appropriately.
  • If symptoms appear to be skin disorders (rash / redness, blisters, skin peeling, itchiness, etc.) while using the product, discontinue use and take appropriate treatment.
  • Do not use the product if the packaging is dirty, damaged or wet.
  • Use the product immediately after breaking the seal.
  • When removing the pad, peel it off slowly along the flow of the body hair to prevent skin damage.

Storage Instructions

  • Storage method: Store at room temperature, away from water, high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight.
  • Expiry date: Displayed on box (as self-authenticated data)


Product number Size Per box
CPS0203 25mm x 30mm 30 sheets
CPS0405 40mm x 50mm 50 sheets
CPS0608 60mm x 80mm 35 sheets
CPS0811 85mm x 110mm 30 sheets
CPS1114 110mm x 140mm 25 sheets
CPS1820 180mm x 200mm 12 sheets

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