Nichiban supplies Cellulose Adhesive Tapes “CELLOTAPE”, Double Sided Tapes “NICETACK”, Adhesive Transfer Tapes, Book Binding Tapes, etc. that are comfortable and convenient to use at the office and are also useful in the home. We give a high level of consideration to environment issues when making products which use using natural materials as their main raw materials.


CELLOTAPE™ 3 inch core, boxed

CELLOTAPE 3 inch core, boxed

CELLOTAPE is made from natural materials. A long-established brand, widely trusted and loved all around the world.

CELLOTAPE™ 1 inch core, boxed

CELLOTAPE 1 inch core, boxed

A small roll of CELLOTAPE offered at an affordable price. The small roll of CELLOTAPE comes with an attached tape dispenser, convenient for use as a refill roll of tape at home or at school.

CELLOTAPE™ 3 inch core, Lpack™

CELLOTAPE 3 inch core, Lpack

Bargain packages of CELLOTAPE packed in bundles of 12 (except for the LP-24, which comes in packs of 6). Convenient for offices, shops and schools and other contexts with many potential users.

CELLOTAPE™ 3 inch core, for business use

CELLOTAPE 3 inch core, for business use

A large roll of CELLOTAPE roll. Use of a tape dispenser (available separately) is recommended for your convenience. Perfect for customers that require a large quantity of tape for business use.


NICETACK™ for general use

NICETACK for general use

The dispenser and the core of the tape are made from recycled paper. Comes with an attached cutting blade.

NICETACK™ for outdoor use

NICETACK for outdoor use

A double sided tape exclusively for outdoor use, such as on plywood products and block walls. Weather-proof, sticks securely on uneven or irregular surfaces.

NICETACK™ powerfully adhesive tape

NICETACK powerfully adhesive tape

NICETACK with strong adhesive power. The core of the tape is made from recycled paper.

NICETACK™ removable tape

NICETACK removable tape

An environment-friendly product using recycled paper for the carrier material, the core and the dispenser of the tape.

Tape Glue / Other Products

TAPE GLUE tenori™ : Strong / Powerful Type Glue

TAPE GLUE tenori : Strong / Powerful Type Glue

Made for unbeatable user-friendliness! This tape glue gives reliable application and secure adhesion.



Elephant tape cutters in colors that are popular with girls and women from teens to adults.

CELLOTAPE™ Small Roll  Hand Cutter Liner Beauty™ mini

CELLOTAPE Small Roll Hand Cutter Liner Beauty mini

The new design of this portable small roll hand cutter allows for the blade to be turned downwards and unit used vertically.

CELLOTAPE™ Hand Cutter Liner Beauty™

CELLOTAPE Hand Cutter Liner Beauty

Introducing "CELLOTAPE Hand Cutter Liner Beauty", the carefree handy type tape cutter.

Dual-Use Small-Large Tape Dispenser

Dual-Use Small-Large Tape Dispenser

This new NICHIBAN desktop tape dispenser available for both large and small rolls of CELLOTAPE and Mending Tape is added in the product range. Its solid and heavy-feel so offer you smooth and easy tape-cutting.

"Nambu Steel" Large Size Tape Dispenser

"Nambu Steel" Large Size Tape Dispenser

Made from "Nanbu Steel" in massive face and perfect for desktop accessory. "Nambu Steel" has substantiality and exceptional stability so longer using makes better attractiveness.