Aluminium Foil Tape No.950 / No.951 / No.961 / No.800

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This durable tape is resistant to heat, water, and rusting.

Key features

  • Highly durable, with excellent heat, water, oil and rust resistance.


  • For general building work, plumbing protection.
  • For repairing vehicle sheet metal, etc.

Product details

Product number Product name Base material Pressure sensitive adhesive Thickness (mm) Peel adhesion (N/10mm) Tensile Strength (N/10mm)
950 Aluminium tape Aluminium foil Acrylic adhesive 0.093 5.30 39.0
951 (With separator) 0.091 5.52 39.0
961 (With separator) 0.12 6.28 64.0
800 (With separator) For vehicle repair
Aluminium tape
0.12 6.28 64.0

Quantity per carton

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