Bagsealing tape No.430

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Tapes for resealable packing, such as for plastic bags for food products.

Key features

  • Easy to tear off, easy to peel.
  • Five standard coloured tapes, which are made mainly from cellophane materials.


  • Resealable packaging and temporary sealing of containers for food products (bread, confectioneries).

Product details

Product number: 430

Base material Pressure sensitive adhesive Thickness (mm) Peel adhesion (N/10mm) Tensile Strength (N/10mm) Autohesion (N/10mm) Elongation (%)
Cellophane Rubber adhesive 0.052 3.29 41.9 5.0 23

Quantity per carton

Product number Width Length Individual packaging Inner box
Carton box
430 9 mm 35 m 1 20 200


Red, yellow, green, blue, white

Can be custom ordered:

Brown, orange

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