battlewin SERAPOA Kinesiology Tape (Strong Adhesion)

battlewin™ SERAPOA™ Kinesiology Tape (Strong Adhesion)

Tape for the prevention of sprains and strains, and for protection and reinforcement. Fits well to joints such as ankles and knees, and supports muscles firmly. Strong adhesive type.


With strong adhesive strength, it can firmly support muscles without peeling even in water such as sweat or swimming during sports. Fits well on joints such as ankles and knees. It can be used to prevent sprains and flesh and to protect and reinforce joints. This product is a taping tape with excellent air permeability and moisture permeability.


  • Excellent sweat resistance and water repellency


Product number Size Per box
SRPH50 50mm x 4.5m 6 rolls
SRPH75 75mm x 4.5m 4 rolls

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