battlewin SERAPOA Kinesiology Tape

battlewin™ SERAPOA™ Kinesiology Tape

Tape for the prevention of sprains and strains, and for protection and reinforcement. Fits well to joints such as ankles and knees, and supports muscles firmly.


Kinesiology tape made of stretchable beige cotton cloth and acrylic adhesive. It meets the following characteristics required for elastic taping tape. Appropriate elasticity, high adhesiveness, fit, retention, support / fixation, low irritation to skin and performance.


Product number Size Per box
SRP25 25mm x 5m 12 rolls
SRP38 38mm x 5m 8 rolls
SRP50 50mm x 5m 6 rolls
SRP75 75mm x 5m 4 rolls
SRP50L 50mm x 30m 1 roll

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