Cloth adhesive tapes <LS>No.121 / No.121 (Colored)

Provides high performance at great value.
Tape has strong adhesive power and excellent holding force.


  • Tape can be easily rewound, helping you work efficiently.
  • You can tear the tape easily with your fingers.
  • The tapes come in six standard colors in addition to yellow ocher.
Medium packaging
Tape for sealing relatively light products.
Various colors are available.
No organic solvents are used for production.
Can be overlapped
Tape can adhere its own back surface.
You can write text such as shipping addresses on it using an oil-based marker.
Easy to tear
Tape can be cut by hand and it has good workability.

Colors (Color No.)

Yellow ocher
No.121 (Colored)
Red (1) / Yellow (2) / Green (3) / Blue (4) / White (5) / Black (6)


  • Sealing cardboard boxes, etc.
  • Identifying packages and other objects by color.

Physical Properties

Product number: 121

Product name Cloth adhesive tapes <LS>
Base material Poly-laminated (Staple fiber + PET)
Pressure sensitive adhesive Rubber adhesive
Thickness (mm) 0.21
Peel strength (N/10mm) 5.46
Tensile strength (N/10mm) 53.3
Elongation (%) 7

Quantity (rolls)

Product number Width Length Individual packaging Carton box
121 50mm 25m 1 30
121 (Colored)

Environmental Response

  • Green mark core

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