Sho-Han Standard label


  • There are seven types of labels that can be used as Sho-Han labels.
  • A repeelable type adhesive (N type) is used.
Small lot label
Standard product label
Standard printed products
Made-to-order (By carton case)

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Repeelable type (N type)
This is the most popular type for general price display. It is especially useful when it needs to be removed after use.

Quantity (items)

Product name Product number Label size (mm×mm) Number
Individual packaging (rolls) Inner box (rolls) Carton box (rolls)
Standard label 12N/12NP 12×21.6 1,000 10 100 300
15N/15NP 14.4×30 1,000 10 100 300
18N/18NP 18×30 800 10 100 300
24N/24NP 24×32 600 10 100 200
Small lot label SH2000 12×21.6 1,000 1 10 30
Small lot label SH2000

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