Film Cloth Tape No.184

Tape is easy to cut by hand, which helps with curing work. There is almost no residue when it is removed.


  • The base material is polyethylene cloth, so waste threads are not easily generated when the tape is cut.
Can be overlapped
Tape can adhere its own back surface.
Easy to tear
Tape can be cut by hand and it has good workability.
Temporary adhesion
Temporarily affixes bags and containers for temporary adhesion, etc.




  • For temporarily or more permanently affixing various curing materials for moving work.
  • For curing paint on building exterior walls, etc.

Physical Properties

Product number: 184

Product name Film cloth tape (For curing)
Base material Polyethylene cloth
Pressure sensitive adhesive Acrylic adhesive
Thickness (mm) 0.16
Peel strength (N/10mm) 4.20
Tensile strength (N/10mm) 40.0
Elongation (%) 14

Measurement conditions / 23℃50%RH

  • *
    The above values are average measured values and are not guaranteed values.

Quantity (rolls)

Product number Length Individual packaging Width
Carton box
184 25m 1 30

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