tome-tatsu Tape TMT111

Exclusive tape for the tome-tatsu induction binding machines.
Use this together with TMA100LT.


  • Tape is specially designed so that it only adheres to its own adhesive surface and does not adhere to bundled materials.
  • Since tape adhesion is used for bundling without using needles, there is no risk of injury or of contamination by foreign materials such as metal.
  • Items are bundled securely when binding is performed, but after about six months, the adhesive strength (autohesion strength) weakens, making it easy to handle post-processing after harvesting.
For bundling
Tape adheres to itself without adhering to bundled vines and shoots.
Water resistance
Tape does not easily peel off even when it gets wet.


  • For binding new grape shoots.
  • For binding cucumber vines, etc.

Physical Properties

Product number: TMT111

Product name tome-tatsu Tape
Color White
Base material Polyolefin
Pressure sensitive adhesive Rubber adhesive
Thickness (mm) 0.11
Autohesion (N/10mm) 11.8
Tensile strength (N/10mm) 31.0
Elongation (%) 730

Quantity (pieces)

Product number Width Length Inner box Carton box
TMT111 11mm 30m 10 150

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