tome-tatsu TMA100LT

Makes induction binding work easy.
tome-tatsu Light TMA100LT, which weighs only 320g, was added to the lineup.


  • While maintaining the same features of “tome-tatsu,” the overall length was shortened about 3cm, the weight of the main body was reduced by about 30g making the weight about 320g, and the position of the center of gravity was improved, making it lighter and easier to hold.
  • The covers for the tape holder and the drawing portion were integrated, making it easier to replace the tape.
  • The exclusive adhesive tapes “tome-tatsu tape TMT111” and “tome-tatsu tape Environmentally friendly type TMT111B” can be used.
  • Binding diameters of up to 33mm can be used.


  • For binding new grape shoots.
  • For binding cucumber vines, etc.
  • For binding tomato vines.


Product number: TMA100LT

Product name tome-tatsu
Main body Special ABS resin
Body color Bright yellow
Size 153×278×41mm
Weight About 320g
Quantity (items) 1
Quantity (cartons) 20

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