Lead Tape No.282

Bonding the adhesive surfaces together produces a strong bond for firmly attaching stems to supports.
It is easy to remove and easy to cut by hand, making it ideal for securing plants by hand.


  • Has excellent water and weather resistance.
For bundling
Tape for securing stems by bonding the adhesive surfaces together.
Easy to tear
Tape can be cut by hand and it has good workability.
Water resistant
Tape does not easily peel off even when it gets wet.




  • For binding new grape shoots.
  • For securing the stems of tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.

Physical Properties

Product number: 282

Product name Lead Tape
Base material Washi(*Japanese Rice Paper)
Pressure sensitive adhesive Rubber adhesive
Thickness (mm) 0.086
Peel strength (N/10mm) 2.07
Autohesion (N/10mm) 9.3
Tensile strength (N/10mm) 47.2
Elongation (%) 4

Quantity (rolls)

Product number Size Packaging / Quantity
Individual packaging Inner box Carton box
282 13mm×30m 10 100 300

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