“Nambu Iron“ 3 inch core Tape Dispenser

Made from strong "Nambu Iron," perfect as a desktop accessory.
“Nambu Iron“ is exceptionally strong and stable, and looks better as it ages.


  • Tapes up to 24mm in width and with an outer diameter of 100mm can be used.
  • Main body weight 2.0kg

Precautions for Use

  • Be careful of the blade. Direct contact with the blade can result in injury.
  • To prevent injury from accidental dropping, do not place it on an unstable surface or in narrow spaces. It could fall resulting in injury.
  • Pay attention when used by children. Be sure to instruct children on safety before use.
  • When carrying, hold from the bottom. It could fall resulting in injury.


Size (mm×mm)
Main body size 56×168×113
Main body
Nambu iron
Bronze + black, made from Nambu iron. Reel (pulley) and replacement blades available separately
  • *
    Actual color may differ from the photo.


Use the following product numbers for ordering.

Product number TC45P
Blade replacement
Product number TC45C
Product photo

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