This warm plaster improves blood circulation by stimulating the warmth of the active ingredient (nonivamide) and relieves the symptoms of stiff shoulders and lower back pain

For people troubled by stubborn lower back pain or stiff shoulders. The area is about twice as large as that of regular version, and the effect is stronger.

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It adheres firmly to the affected area, and the warm stimulus promotes blood circulation.

  • If you leave your lower back pain and stiff shoulders, your body will be ill. In such a case, please use ROIHI-TSUBOKO BIG which is easy to stick on the affected area. Nonylic vanillylamide stimulates blood circulation in the affected area by stimulating the warmth. In addition, anti-inflammatory effects by methyl salicylate and ℓ-menthol show excellent effects.

The area is about twice as large as that of regular version, and the effect is stronger.

  • The diameter is 3.9cm, which is approximately twice the size of regular versions. Particularly useful on the waist, back and other large areas where its increased size makes it easy to apply, and the penetrating warmth to be felt efficacy.

Ingredients and Contents

Per 100g mass plaster
Methyl salicylate 7.17g
l-menthol 3.25g
Mentha oil 0.35g
dl-camphor 2.51g
Thymol 0.05g
Nonivamide 0.03g

The additives include raw rubber, polyisobutylene, polybutene, petroleum resin, BHT, heavy calcium carbonate, carbon black, red iron oxide, Red No.227, and one other ingredient.


  • Stiff shoulders, lower back pain, bruise, sprain, joint pain, muscular pain, muscle fatigue, servant and fracture pain


1. RT78
3.9cm diameter
x 78 sheets
Suggested Retail Price (Tax not included)
JPY 1,200

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