Bag Sealer BS-2200

Bag Sealer BS-2200

Binds firmly with light pressure application. After sealing, there is minimal tape curl making for an attractive tape surface....

Bag Sealer BS-2700

Bag Sealer BS-2700

From large to small, bags with various contents can be easily sealed. For tape rolls up to 12mm×100m.

Bag Sealer BS-3000N

Bag Sealer BS-3000N

Simple package bag sealer that utilizes package resealing paper tape (BS180). Easily opens by simply pulling on the tape from both ends. For tape rolls up to 9mm×100m.

Tabanera™ Machine 300-V

Tabanera Machine 300-V

Store front dispenser for binding tape. Optional dispenser available.

Tabanera™ Machine 350-V

Tabanera Machine 350-V

Attached guide makes binding small items simple.

Tabanera™ Machine 300-V II

Tabanera Machine 300-V II

Tabletop hand-winding capability. The dispenser is set in a low position allowing for binding work while seated.

Tabanera™ Machine 3000-V

Tabanera Machine 3000-V

Light weight and smooth operability, with binding force adjustment functionality. A simple yet tough design.