Tapes for Agricultural Use

Tabanera™ tape No.640-VP

Tabanera tape No.640-VP

Tabanera tape available for custom ordering (mainly for use with fruits and vegetables). Unique tapes with all the features of our Tabanera tape and which can be custom ordered to be printed to the customer's specifications.

Tabanera™ tape No.640-V / No.640-VPS

Tabanera tape No.640-V / No.640-VPS

The tape can be used to bind a product by wrapping the tape around it and joining the ends of the tape together. The adhesives stick the ends of the tape together, but will not stick to the bound product.

Tabanera™ tape (Transparent type) No.640CPS-BC20

Tabanera tape (Transparent type) No.640CPS-BC20

Transparent in colour, useful for bundling and labelling products without detracting from their visual appearance. The same binding equipment can be used as with the original Tabanera tape.