Our Business

Nichiban has made “creating useful products supporting comfortable living” its objective, developing leading technologies in adhesives and adhesion on the shoulders of the company's heritage in a wide array of fields.
We offer a variety of useful products based on our unique adhesives and adhesion technologies, supporting people's health, our everyday lives, business workplaces and industrial development.

Nichiban's medical products under our “Medical Business” deal not only with meeting clinical needs, but also with our general needs in everyday life.
Our “Tape Business” consists of consumer goods developed from adhesive products which utilise our original technologies to provide office solutions, as well as to provide industrial products supporting businesses at the cutting-edge of their industries, from agriculture to distribution.
We will continue to make strides in the future, with the aim of supporting global economic development through innovations in both branches of our business.

Nichiban is making daily progress in extending its markets, continuing to grow globally through aggressive entry into “overseas markets” in Asia and Europe.

Medical Business

Over the years, Nichiban has provided surgical tapes and haemostatic seals to meet a variety of needs in the medical field. The company currently offers various brands of products using the technologies and the know-how it has gained in these areas, such as the high-quality band-aids “CARELEAVES” and “OQ BAN ECO”, the antiphlogistic analgetic warm plaster “ROIHI-TSUBOKO”, the anthelotic “SPEEL-KO” for home use and the “battlewin” range of sports tapes. Nichiban is now widening its business activities to become a total healthcare company.

Overseas, the surgical tape “NICHIPORE” and the haemostatic products “CHUSHAVAN / INJECTION PAD / STEPTY / STEPTYP” are appreciated by many customers. We have also started offering a lighter, softer type of band-aid called “CARELEAVES” in the global market. It has been gaining popularity since its introduction due to its superior comfort.
We will continue to evolve as we pursue the creation of user-friendly” technologies and products in diverse areas.

Tape Business

Nichiban offers various long-established brands used in homes and offices such as the “NICETACK” series of double-sided adhesive tapes, based on adhesion technologies developed from the famous “CELLOTAPE” adhesive tape.

Nichiban is also expanding its product range in response to social needs. For example, we have recently begun offering technical training courses. The company is also actively engaged in creating environmentally-friendly products.

We also provide products that support rationalization in a variety of industries which utilize our unique adhesives and adhesion technologies. Examples of these are products and equipment to enhance distribution systems, masking tapes for vehicles, coating protection films, anti-chipping films, various adhesive tapes for packaging and the “Tabanera” vegetable bundling system. Nichiban is also actively working to develop highly advanced materials with characteristics such as heat-resistance, weather-resistance and solvent-resistance with a wide range of potential applications from construction and painting to electronics.

To serve the overseas market, our partner company in Thailand, Union Thai Nichiban, produces the “Panfix®” brand of products. Nichiban also sells cellophane adhesive tapes, crepe tapes, craft tapes and fabric tapes worldwide, and these are gaining increasing global recognition.